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Brain Teaser Map

Brain Teaser Map
Brain Teaser Map

We present you a new map for those who like puzzle games, solve different puzzles and use logic. If you like challenges such as puzzles then the new Brain Teaser map is what you need. Use your skills in solving different puzzles and also use your logic and wits. Do not underestimate this map, as all the puzzles here are interesting, but at the same time quite difficult.

In general, in the game you have five different levels of puzzles, each of which has the same difficulty level. We draw your attention to the fact that you should be very careful, because if you die trying to pass a certain level, you will have to start all over again.

Try to be very careful and use your brains. We also want to note that in some places of certain levels you also have to use parkour skills.

Brain Teaser (1)

Brain Teaser (2)

Brain Teaser (3)


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