Colors++ Texture Pack

Colors++ Texture Pack

A new texture pack that not only changes the texture of grass water trees and biomes but also adds a unique beautiful shade to the game. Your Minecraft world will become more colorful and interesting, all patterns of trees, grass, and in general biomes will be supplemented with new colors and shades. Let's look below at how it will look in the game.

Below you can see what the trees in Taiga will look like with their bluish crowns:

Colors++ Texture Pack

Yellowish grass and purple tree crowns:

New water texture in the swamp. From now on, it is more muddy in color and everything that surrounds the swamp will have brown shades, namely grass, and leaves:

The jungle is now greener than before, even the water has become more greenish:

Below you can see the blue grass in the mountains:

And other changes:

In different locations, the color of the water also changes, an example below:

colorsforbiomesrp.mcpack [94.4 Kb] (downloads: 5)