Carnivo’chicken Add-on 1.15/1.14+

Carnivo’chicken Add-on 1.15/1.14+

We present to your attention a new addon which adds new hostile but at the same time cute creatures, namely Carnivo Chickens. Who are they? This is a prehistoric variety of chicken. Perhaps earlier you have already seen these cute but at the same time dangerous creatures. This is not a typical chicken, these chickens are carnivorous and not as harmless as they might seem at first glance. These creatures love meat and will attack all creatures in order to get their meat.

These creatures have good agility and speed. In the game, you can see five types of new dangerous chickens.

Below you can see how they look:

These creatures will always attack players and other living creatures such as horses, zombies, cows, chickens, pigs, sheep, rabbits, ocelots, cats, donkeys, mules, spiders, parrots, illagers, witches, wandering traders, cave spiders, llamas, villagers, polar bears, and even Enderman.

Carnivo’chicken Add-on 1.15/1.14+

In the world of Minecraft, there are only two mobs which they are afraid of is the fox and the wolf!

Please note that in order to spawn these creatures in creative mode, you need to use a spawn egg. In other cases, these creatures spawn naturally.

carnivochickenbh.mcpack [23.98 Kb] (downloads: 2)
carnivochickenrp.mcpack [88.14 Kb] (downloads: 1)