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Zombie: Horror Night Map

Zombie: Horror Night Map
Embark on a quest to locate crucial items and navigate through five distinct segments in order to vanquish the relentless zombie villager hot on your trail. Zombie Horror Nightmap thrusts you, in the shoes of Leo, into a spine-chilling scenario.

As you awaken to the eerie echoes of a mysterious disturbance, the unrelenting zombie's pursuit of you becomes evident. With no other soul in sight and the inky cloak of night shrouding your surroundings, your only recourse is to scavenge for items to make your escape. This harrowing game unfolds in five progressively challenging parts.

Each part of this chilling odyssey becomes progressively more formidable, with an increasing number of foes to challenge your mettle. Will you emerge victorious after navigating all five parts, annihilating the relentless zombie villager, and securing your escape from this nightmarish ordeal?


Picture yourself as Leo, rudely awakened in the dead of night by the cacophonous pounding on your door. The source of this ungodly ruckus is none other than a vengeful zombie, irate because you've kicked the unhealthy habit of consuming Zombie Soda. In a twisted turn of fate, abstaining from this carbonated menace for over a week places you squarely on the zombie's hit list, as he's known to exact vengeance upon those who abstain.

Zombie: Horror Night

Your principled decision to shun the noxious beverage has now cast you into the ranks of potential victims. The game's narrative slowly unfurls as you progress through each level. Your survival hinges on your ability to evade the zombie, solve intricate puzzles, and employ your wit to make a daring escape.

To succeed, you'll need to acquire a few elusive keys to access the weapon cache and procure slowness potions, enabling you to temporarily impede the relentless zombie's advance and carve out precious seconds for your getaway. Keep your wits about you as you hunt for the elusive gas station key, your ticket to freedom from this dire predicament.


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This Map does not work because whenever i try to enter it it says that a new version of the world has been saved