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Quest Map Part 3

Quest Map Part 3
If you want to take a break from your affairs in Minecraft and change your activity a bit, then you are on the Quest map (Part 3). There are several challenges here that require wits and jumping skills. Interesting tasks are waiting for you.


There are about 4 rooms on the map with different mini-games.

At the first location, which is called Spawn. you need to complete some task.

Quest Map Part 3 (1)

During the second instance of taking a Leap of Faith, your objective is to deftly navigate through an array of hurdles in order to evade any perilous outcome.

Quest Map Part 3 (2)

When you reach the third challenge, your task is twofold: locating a lever and devising a means to unlock the door, thereby progressing further.

Quest Map Part 3 (3)

The fourth chamber presents a series of jumps, where the course of action becomes evident—overcoming each obstacle with persistence and precision.

Quest Map Part 3 (4)

Shooting at targets.

Quest Map Part 3 (5)

Labyrinth. Everything would be fine, but there is one thing, it is made of lava.

Quest Map Part 3 (6)

At the end, you can rate the map.

Quest Map Part 3 (7)


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