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Sarted Chapter I [The Origins] Map

Sarted Chapter I [The Origins] Map
The Sarted Chapter I map is an adventure with various challenges and tasks. You will be in the role of a spy who needs to gather information and uncover the secret about teleportation technology in the former company. But investigating this case will not be as easy as it seems.

Check out the map trailer below.

It is planned to release 3 parts, so keep an eye on our website.

At the moment, the first chapter is ready: All foe one

The action takes place on the territory of the T.T.O. When you get there, you find that there is no electricity anywhere. You need to find a way to activate the towers and hold the light in such a way that the alarm does not turn on.

Use the spyglass to find the towers and activate them. Once you do everything right, the flow of water will lift you up to the second floor.
After that, you can go down to the first floor. As you progress, be sure to collect resources and materials.

On the first floor there will be 2 doors with bars, they open with levers when pressed at the same time.

To open a small door. use the lever that is in front.

In the room you will find several chests with the necessary things.

The next thing you need to do is approach NPC Beatrice and she will give you a task. You need to replace all fuses. But first you need to create them.
To do this, you need to collect resources by destroying mobs and picking up drops.

From these resources, you need to make a cleaning powder and apply it on spoiled iron ingots to clean it.

On the towers, you need to close the balconies, some of them can shock you, so be in protected armor.

You can climb the towers by stairs, jumps and parkour.

In the arch you will find resources from which you need to make fuse parts.

To do this, create different colors of the fuse and place them according to the color. If you did something wrong, use the reset lever.

When everything is ready, the door to the 2nd floor will open, where you need to resume the work of the lights by numbers.

Each fire has its own number, you can find out these numbers by examining the first floor. There are signs there.

Correct placement of color codes will unlock the passage to the third floor.

At the moment, this ends the walkthrough, so this is still a beta version. After the player enters the last room, they are teleported to the command block area, where the user can view the map in spectator mode.

Sarted Chapter I (1)
Sarted Chapter I (2)
Sarted Chapter I (3)


To create fuses, you need to use six iron ingots, two sticks and the appropriate dye. All schemes can be seen in the screenshots below.

You can get bonuses Speed, Jump, regeneration, Strength, which last for 15 seconds.


Rotten Meat can be cleansed using the Purifier.

Purifier is crafted with 4 threads, 4 bones and powder.


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