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Dungeon Escape Map

Dungeon Escape Map
Dungeon Escape Map

A new map that will make you be as accurate as possible and show your abilities to escape from the dungeon. It all starts with the fact that you appear in some kind of abandoned room, this is a dungeon, your main goal is to escape from there. On this adventure PVE map, the player must use all possible methods to break free, it can be a weapon, a key or some kind of tools, and you can also meet security guards along the way, so be careful. This game can be played both alone and in multiplayer. It takes an average of 20 minutes to complete this adventure map.

Dungeon Escape Map

On the map, you can find special chests with loot in which you can find a tool or some kind of weapon that will help you get out to freedom. Please note that the tools have their own NBT tags, this will help you use them for their intended purpose and get blocks to complete the game. You will also have keys to help you move on. We wish you a good game.


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