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Valhalla Guards Add-on 1.15/1.14+

Valhalla Guards Add-on 1.15/1.14+
Valhalla Guards Add-on 1.15/1.14+

We present to you a new interesting add-on that will add new and better to say updated and most importantly useful villagers to your world! The new add-on adds two new types of villagers such as archer and guard! These mobs do not need to spawn; they spawn in the Minecraft world automatically and naturally. Another feature is that baby villagers can grow.

Valhalla Guards Add-on 1.15/1.14+

The new add-on allows you to improve the villagers by simply interacting with them, for this, just give them a sword or bow, and they will become a guard or an archer. If you give the villager a shield, he randomly chooses his own role as an archer or a guard.

If you already have enough archers, you can give the villager a sword, and he will become a guard.

If you already have enough guards and want more archers, just give him a bow or crossbow.

Players can decide for themselves what type of villager to add. For this, you just need to interact with the mob and equip it with the appropriate type of weapon.

These mobs spawn automatically in the Minecraft world at a 5% chance of each type. Any type of villager, like a baby villager, can grow and become one of the available types of mobs.

Useful features:

Players can rename mobs using name tags thereby changing their behavior in the game. Let's look at these tags below:

1. Roam: If you give this tag to an archer, it will move randomly. This tag allows mobs to go outside the village and take some empty positions;

2. Positioned: This tag is very useful for mobs that protect certain places as the mob will stand still;

3. Garrison: This tag allows the mob to move randomly and then go patrolling through the village. All archers with this tag will randomly move around the village and then always return to the center of the village;

4. Patrol: This tag allows mobs to go to the outskirts of the village and patrol other parts of the area. This protects the outside of the village. But be careful, as this tag can also make your archer get lost or go in an unknown direction. We draw your attention to the fact that they are afraid of water and will try to get around it;

5. Villager: This tag will make your archer a simple villager.


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