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Cards & Collections Add-on 1.20/1.19+

Cards & Collections Add-on 1.20/1.19+
The Cards & Collectionsaddon adds new items that are distinguished by their rarity. Players in the process of survival acquire these cards and then play with friends. The ability to purchase cards is provided through special chests that can be bought.


Cards can be obtained through special chests, which are bought from traveling merchants for coins. Coins can be obtained by exchanging some items, such as ore or plants.


There are five levels of rarity in the collection of cards:

• Ordinary
• Rare
• Epic
• Mythical
• Legendary

Cards & Collections

These cards can be acquired through chests, which are categorized into three types, each offering varying probabilities of obtaining rare cards. The highest-tier chest, being the most valuable, grants a 2% probability of acquiring a legendary card.

There are also merchants to whom you can sell a certain item. They are divided according to the type of subject. Can sell Plant, Drop, Farm, Deop, Block

There are also 3 npcs to trade cards with. For example, you have duplicate commons, and you want a rare.

Summon Tickets

Crafted and traded with NPCs.


There are three types: copper - the cheapest, silver and gold. They can be exchanged with each other at a rate of 9:1, for example, 9 silver is one gold, and vice versa.

Purpose of the game

You can compete with other players by collecting the entire collection of cards.

There is also a mini-game where you can play these cards. The card with the highest Atk score wins. To do this, you need to roll the die. The one who loses gives his card to the winner.

There are about 200 cards.

Cards & Collections (1)

Cards & Collections (2)

Cards & Collections (3)

Cards & Collections (4)


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