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Penguin Add-on 1.20+

Penguin Add-on 1.20+
The Penguin addon is a one-of-a-kind addition to the Minecraft Bedrock experience, seamlessly introducing the delightful Penguins that emerged triumphant in the Mob Vote of 2023. This meticulously designed add-on breathes life into the idiosyncratic characteristics and behaviors that Penguins are envisioned to display upon their victorious inclusion.

Key Attributes:

1. Passive Nature: Penguins exhibit a peaceful demeanor, coexisting harmoniously within their virtual habitat.

2. Skilled Fishermen: These avian creatures are adept at hunting various species of fish, with a particular penchant for salmon and cod.

3. Dual Environment Mastery: Penguins are equally at home both on the water's surface and beneath it, displaying remarkable versatility in their aquatic pursuits.

4. Self-Defense Mechanism: In the face of imminent threats from hostile entities, Penguins exhibit a formidable sense of self-preservation, mounting a defensive stance and launching counterattacks against their adversaries.

Anticipated Upcoming Features:

In upcoming updates, Penguins are expected to share certain characteristics with dolphins, and they will actively engage in the act of propelling boats, lending an intriguing dimension to their interaction within the game world.

What exactly is the Mob Vote 2023? This event is part of Mojang's annual tradition, inviting the Minecraft community to participate in selecting one out of three distinct mobs, such as the intriguing crab. Casting your vote is simple and can be done through two channels.

Penguin (1)

Penguin (2)

Penguin (3)

Penguin (4)


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