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Ballistic Missile Add-on

Ballistic Missile Add-on
Welcome the Ballistic Missile addon to Minecraft PE, revolutionizing your gameplay with two massive rockets. Assert your dominance by skillfully planning missile trajectories, witnessing detailed flight animations that bring devastation to your foes from a distance.

In survival mode, the acquisition of missiles is restricted; venture into Creative inventory to procure these powerful weapons. Successful launches hinge on precise installation on the launch pad, ensuring a spectacular display of power.

Key Highlights:

• The missiles are placed on a special platform at launch.
• The identification chip must be inserted into the rocket. Each chip runs a specific type.
• Adjust your trajectory using additional equipment. There will be 6 types available.
• A detonation device can be created by attaching a card to a rocket. This way you can launch projectiles from a distance. Each card has its own rocket.

Embark on a warfare evolution in cubic world with this mod – an immersive experience that elevates strategic gameplay to unprecedented heights!

Ballistic Missile (1)

Ballistic Missile (2)

Ballistic Missile (3)


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