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Insane United Worlds 1.14/1.13+

Insane United Worlds 1.14/1.13+

An interesting addon with which players can add a large number of bright and useful blocks, creatures, new biomes and much more. Please note that this add-on is still under development and this is a test version. This addon works with versions of Minecraft from 1.13.

Insane United Worlds 1.14/1.13+

Do not forget to activate the Experimental game mode!

Below you can see several biomes that will be added to the game:

The first is Volcanic Biome

The second is Candy Biome

Much more awaits you in the game.

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OfficialReza112 19 February 2020 12:47
Why my addons, is in here?, but i feel like not accept the permission !!