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Parallax Shaders

Parallax Shaders
Parallax Shaders

We are glad to present you a new and certainly interesting shader. The new shader is called Parallax, the aim of this shader is to make your world more realistic due to more dynamic shaders and more realistic shaders. The Parallax project will change your world in Minecraft Bedrock, since the game does not have a smooth transition of textures, it is either too dark or blurry, with the new shader there will be a balance of textures, and thanks to the new technique and numerous tests, the rays and lighting will be more static.

This project was created from scratch and to what we have today, with a little help from OpenGL. The shader was created in DirectX. All this means that the player can use it for the Xbox. Unfortunately, this shader has not been tested on other devices.

Below you can see the features of this shader in the pictures:

HD shadows

Parallax Shaders

Lighting and shadows are more realistic than before

Water transparency, animation, and color are more realistic

Blocks fouling the light source will also be lit more realistically.

Lighting depends on weather conditions and time of day.


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Hybred8 May 2020 00:54Send the comment
I completely reworked the shader therefore there is different images and descriptions

Please update when you see this. <3