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Minecraft PE for Android

Minecraft PE for Android
This week a new test update for Minecraft was released. In this version, trading with mobs has changed, more goods have been added for sale to the Cartographer and the Armor, work has also been done to optimize the game and correct errors.

Experimental features

The Cartographer and Armor mobs have received recent product updates, enhancing their features. Properties:

• Cartographer:
• You can buy 7 new Explorer Cards.
• Maps undergo transformations as they transition from the Village biome, guiding adventurers to diverse and distinct destinations.
• Bronnik
• To acquire diamond armor, you must now make payments using either diamonds or emeralds.
• Iron blocks can be purchased.
• The jungles and swamps are where you'll find chainmail equipment for sale.
• Cursed Diamond Armor is available for purchase in the Savannah region.
• Drop structures
• More chances to find enchanted books:
• In the Ancient City you can find Repair.
• Efficiency can be found in the Mines.
• Outpost - Fast reload.
• Desert and Jungle Temples - Indestructible.


• Added new sounds for some mobs and actions.
• Sculk blocks will not yield experience when enchanted items are used on them anymore.
• Vehicles now incur damage when they fall, and when a vehicle perishes, its rider sustains damage.
• Added icons for buildings on Explorer Maps.
• The arrangement of the chest and stone cutter placement has been modified when employing commands.
• Enchanted armor worn by the player now displays a gentler shimmer.

Similarities with Java

• A Villager who has turned into a zombie can now be healed randomly from 3 to 5 minutes.
• After death, a sheep produces wool.
• Foxes now have an increased capacity to collect various items.
• Closing the inventories of vehicles now triggers vibration effects.
• Within the Overworld, maps are now available for acquisition.
• The appearance of zombies now varies based on the village they are located in.
• Now objects are generated within a radius of ten blocks.

Error corrections

• Resolved issues with text-to-speech conversion.
• Voiceover of text works without errors.
• Adjusted the sounds of Guardian and Ancient Guardian mobs.
• Soul Sand properly slows down creatures.
• Players are no longer able to phase through blocks while using Elytras.
• Emptying a bucket no longer immediately refills it with water.
• Falling from significant heights in a boat no longer results in fall damage.
• Flag patterns have been altered.
• Mobs do not receive damage when falling from one block.
• Interaction with other players has been established.
• The presentation of banners in the inventory has been rectified.
• The names of items are now completely legible and do not overlap with indicator stripes.
• Rabbits have resumed their consumption of carrots.
• Adjusted the visibility of interface elements on the Cooking Stand.
• Notifications are displayed correctly.

Technical update

To optimize the work of developers and testers, 24 updates were added.

We kindly ask you to make backup copies of your worlds before installing the test version so as not to lose your game progress.
Minecraft PE for Android


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