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Minecraft PE for Android

Minecraft PE for Android
A new version of Minecraft PE (Bedrock) has been released, available for the Android platform! With this updated version, you are given a unique opportunity to enrich your gaming experience with updated trading with mobs, the ability to crawl under blocks! On top of this, the talented development team has carefully ironed out a number of technical glitches and made exciting changes to the gameplay itself.

Death menu

Updated the interface after the death of your character. Properties:

• The camera zooms out to show the cause of death.
• Display a quick access panel where items can be toggled.
• Can be activated in settings.

Death menu

Ability to crawl

The player can now move through one block better. Namely:

• Does not require experiment activation.
• Everything works correctly on the servers.

Crafting recipes

• Unlocking Recipes
• Recipes are unlocked by mining materials.
• You can also find out the recipe for the received item.
• You can turn it on and off in the world settings.
• Search for recipes in inventory
• When searching, you need to enter the initial part of the word.
• The search will also include blocked recipes.

New trade

Mobs have completely redesigned the concept of trading in Minecraft PE (Bedrock).


• Now he will only sell enchanted books at his last trading levels.
• Also, the enchantment book will directly depend on the biome to which it belongs.
• There are two secret Villages.

Wandering Trader

• He has reduced prices! Well, he can now not only sell, but also buy items from you.

Similarities with Java

There were a lot of changes to synchronize the two versions of the game. You are familiar with all of them from test versions.

• Blocks are now destroyed at a different rate.

Changes and fixes

The developers touched on 136 innovations. Basics:

• All from test parts.
• There are fewer departures.
• Diamonds in dark caves will be generated more often.

Technical update

There were about 170 updates in this section. All of them are aimed at improving the work of content testers and moderators for Minecraft.

Minimum Requirements

New device requirements for February next year (2024) were also announced. More details:

For Apple: iOS 13+ devices

For Android devices:

• Minimum Android 8
• OpenGL ES 3.0
• Minimum 1GB RAM
Minecraft PE for Android


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