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Minecraft PE for Android

Minecraft PE for Android
A new test version of Minecraft Bedrock has appeared for Android devices. In this beta version, the developers have integrated several features from version 1.21, namely the introduction of new blocks, including copper and tuff. In addition, various glitches and bugs have been eliminated, making the gameplay smoother and more enjoyable.

Copper blocks

The selection of ornamental blocks has been broadened. Namely:

Carved copper

• Requires 2 equally oxidized copper plates to create.
• Obtained from stonecutter.

Copper grate

• Requires 4 equally oxidized copper plates to create.
• Obtained from stonecutter.
• It has a transparent appearance, that is, light passes through.
• By limiting the mob to this block, it will not suffocate.
• Creatures are not generated from above.
• Redstone cannot be used.

Copper lantern

• Necessary for lighting.
• Oxidation will affect the degree of illumination.
• To operate, you require Red Dust, which can be subsequently removed.
• Initiating a Red Dust signal at the central point triggers the illumination of the vivid crimson crystal.
• Comparators are triggered when they receive the highest-level signal of 15, provided the associated block is in the "on" state.
• Crafting this block entails using three identical copper blocks with varying degrees of oxidation, a blaze rod, and Red Dust.

Copper doors and hatches

• Over a period of time, they experience an oxidation process.
• Upon interaction, they can be operated to open and close, mimicking the behavior of wooden blocks.
• Crafting them necessitates the use of three copper blocks with identical oxidation levels.

Tuff blocks

• Additional construction and ornamental blocks are now accessible through the Stone Cutter.

Known Bugs

There are a few issues with the newly introduced items.

• Crafting Waxed Blocks using Waxed Copper is currently not a viable option.
• Crafting carved copper poses some challenges.
• As of now, tuff blocks can only be fashioned using a stone cutter.
• While in Creative mode, ground contact results in a reduction of movement speed.


• New model for the Bat.
• Chorus Flowers are now vulnerable to projectile destruction.
• Pottery-related sounds have been added.
• Mobs that are ablaze and holding an item will no longer ignite other creatures.
• The attack range of mobs has been reevaluated.
• The loading screen of the game presents three unique hint categories customized to suit each player's individual gaming background.


• Improved the performance of Sticky Pistons.
• The interaction with the Shield has been adjusted.
• In the realm of Minecraft, leashes remain unbroken, even when the mob and the leash reside in separate chunks.
• Non-touchscreen devices do not have the ability to adjust touch sensitivity.

Technical update

18 innovations were introduced to improve the work of testers and content creators.

We warn that there may be failures when installing the test version, so we recommend making backup copies of your worlds so as not to lose your progress.
Minecraft PE for Android


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