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Minecraft PE for Android

Minecraft PE for Android
The highly anticipated release of Minecraft's complete version is now accessible on Android gadgets. A concise hotfix has been deployed to address seven notable issues that users were facing while trying to connect to servers and within the Minecraft Store.

In this update, the developers listened carefully to your feedback and corrected the errors and misunderstandings that you reported. In addition, they have worked to optimize the gameplay to ensure a smoother and more enjoyable experience with the game.


- Eliminated the causes of failures when connecting to:

• Realms, including from Amazon devices.
• To the servers.

- In-game market

• Search has been established.
• The blocking problem has been resolved.
• Set up a world filter.

- On the console the full version is now working.
Minecraft PE for Android


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Comments (4)
Anonymous3 November 2023 04:20Send the comment
Super, thanks!
Anonymous5 November 2023 16:44Send the comment
I need help.Every version update, I always download minecraft from this website but currently there is an issue that keeps the app from not getting installed. I tried from other different links and still won't let me.
Edward6 November 2023 02:15Send the comment
Anonymous, Maybe the problem is not in the APK file, but in your device.
Koscher12 November 2023 12:55Send the comment
Anonymous, check your device storage before installing. you need at least 1-2gb free on storage