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Minecraft PE for Android

Minecraft PE for Android
A new Minecraft PE (Bedrock) update has appeared online, available for installation on Android devices. You are invited to try out this updated version, meet a unique creature - Breeze, visit the mysterious structure "Chamber of Tests" and try out the innovative block - Test Spawner.


• You can find this mob in the testing room. The breeze will attack you with wind that will blow you far to the side. Their wind can activate mechanisms, open and close doors/hatches (except iron ones). The creature moves only by jumping.

· In this update, there are a few glitches concerning the mob:
· The Breeze now exclusively navigates by hopping and fails to evade projectiles or reposition itself away from Hatches.

Test spawner

• Summons hostile mobs. And their number will depend on how many players will fight with them.
• After winning, this spawner will give you a reward.
• The update level rises only after waiting 30 minutes to recharge.
• Mobs appear regardless of light levels and remain in the world indefinitely.
• The creation or mining of this block in the Workbench is impossible.
• The block itself is characterized by high resistance to destruction and absolute insensitivity to explosions.
• Spectators and players in creative mode do not affect the difficulty level of the game. Also in creative mode, a Spawn Egg has been added for the convenience of summoning monsters.

Test chambers

• This is a structure that contains many different traps, mobs, and treasures in Minecraft. They will be generated procedurally, meaning each structure will be unique.
• This structure is based on New Copper and Tuff blocks.
• Frequently encountered within the depths of the Deep Shale stratum.
• Inside you can find the Challenge Spawner, which creates three types of mobs:
• Melee mobs, small mobs, and ranged mobs.
• Breezes live here.
• Numerous glitches have been identified in this latest update:
• Dead ends or intersections with other structures appear.

Test Key

• Introducing a novel item attainable through the Challenge Spawner.
• Not yet applied.

• Revamped textures for recently introduced blocks.
• Minecraft loading times have been optimized.
• Improved controls when playing in split screen.
• We increased the drawing distance on servers in test updates.


• The boat descends beneath the blocks.
• Placing a block while in motion no longer inflicts damage on the player.
• Transitioning between modes no longer results in falling inside the block.
• The error messages have been enhanced for better clarity.
• Additional points have been incorporated into the game rules section.
• The Apple consumption effect now correctly impacts the character.
• Improved chat notifications when a character dies.


Technical update

Lots of new features for mod developers and content testers.

We warn you that when installing test versions of Minecraft, crashes and errors may occur that may affect the progress of the game. Therefore, we recommend making backup copies of your worlds before installation.
Minecraft PE for Android


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