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Minecraft PE for Android

Minecraft PE for Android
An updated iteration of Minecraft, version, is now accessible for Android users. In this release, players have the exciting opportunity to encounter the novel Armadillo mob, harness its shields, and forge Wolf Armor to safeguard their allies. Additionally, noteworthy enhancements have been implemented for the Realam feature.


1. Exotic Savannah Dweller.
2. Natural Neutrality, but has unique behavior in response to various threats.
3. Protective Shields:

• Over time or by using the Brush, you can obtain special items - armadillo scutes. This turns the mob into a source of valuable materials for players.

4. Among my favorite foods is Spider Eye.
5. Sensitivity to Threats:

• The armadillo reacts to various threats in its environment by cowering at the sight of danger. This reaction includes confronting fleeing players, mounted mobs or vehicles, and undead creatures.

6. Unique Rolling Moments:

• When the armadillo curls into a defensive posture, it introduces intriguing dynamics – the mob ceases its movement, refrains from consuming food. Nevertheless, after a threat-free interval of 3 seconds, it gracefully unfurls, resuming its regular activities.

Shield of the Armadillo

• Provides the ability to create exclusive Wolf Armor.
• Is a drop from the Armadillo.
• Streamline the process of obtaining the Armadillo Shield using the Brush and Dispenser.

Wolf Armor

• Tailored armor designed exclusively for tamed wolves, bestowing additional benefits upon your loyal companions.
• The mechanism for donning and doffing this armor is straightforward and user-friendly, with only the wolf's owner having control over this process.
• To remove the armor, scissors come into play, ensuring a seamless and efficient procedure.
• Analogue of Diamond Protection.
• The armor transforms into a coveted trophy, becoming a drop when tamed wolves meet their demise.

Experimental features

Key changes:

• A layer of wax adorns the copper surfaces.
• The copper grille has transparency.
• Variety of Drops from Spawner.
• Better display of Breeze's projectile graphics.
• A new command has been introduced to enhance interface flexibility: now, effortlessly reveal or conceal interface elements with the commands /hud hide and /hud reset.


• Here are the key features of these updates:
• A Feed of Gaming Feats has appeared, allowing you to share exciting moments of the game with friends and share your impressions.
• Now the online status of players in Realms will be displayed directly on the screen.
• A list of Communities and Subscriptions has appeared, where you can see all the members of the Realms and their subscription levels.
• New features require a login and logout process from Minecraft to activate.

Work in Progress:

• Throughout the testing phase, certain issues were detected, including the lack of automatic updates in the News Feed, the appearance of players without a subscription in the List of Subscribers, and inaccuracies in the presentation of alerts, lists, and comments.


• Added support for 4K resolution on Xbox devices.
• Incorporated a button for connecting to friends' worlds.
• Revamped the world editing screen for an enhanced user experience.


• Transitioning from one dimension to another no longer causes crashes.
• The player does not receive random damage from falling.
• Minecraft creatures can once again take stacks of items from the ground.

Technical update

Introduced 27 cutting-edge technical enhancements aimed at refining the addon creation and testing procedures.

Please note that this is a beta version. It is advisable to create backup copies of your worlds.
Minecraft PE for Android


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