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Minecraft PE for Android

Minecraft PE for Android
Explore the newest advancements crafted by the developers with the installation of Minecraft on your device. Experience enhancements to experimental features like the Challenge Spawner and the Breeze creature, along with the resolution of 14 issues for a smoother gameplay experience.

Experimental enhancements

Key points:

• The Challenge Spawner introduces a two-second delay in mob generation if a player approaches within that timeframe.
• Breeze now boasts the ability to reflect all projectiles and exhibits accurate particle display at the bottom.


• Merge flags of identical colors directly in your inventory for added convenience.
• Experience increased damage to mobs inflicted by the Rose of Wither.
• Additionally, a layer of snow gracefully envelops all plants.
• Indulge in suspicious stews even when your hunger is satiated to enjoy their unique effects.

Players can eat suspicious stews if their hunger gauge is full.

• Realms no longer load endlessly.
• Wolves now have the chance to spawn on Snow blocks within the Grove.
• Bees are impervious to damage from Sweet Berry Bushes.
• Zoglins are absent at the peaceful difficulty level.
• Experience orbs are no longer scattered over long distances when fishing.
• Fixed a bug where experience spheres collided with mobs.
• Achieve the "Fresh Your Breath" milestone by acquiring Dragon's Breath
• Ensure accurate colors on the tops of Double Chests
• Address crashes stemming from the replication of container blocks have been rectified.

Technical update

15 innovations are aimed at optimizing the work of testers and moderators.

We warn you that this is a beta version, and therefore there may be various bugs and errors here, so before installing this update, make backups of your worlds.
Minecraft PE for Android


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