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Minecraft PE for Android

Minecraft PE for Android
Users can already download a new test version of Minecraft on our website for their Android devices. This time there are much more innovations, there are some changes in the Battleship, and also some corrections have not been made by the party.

New features in experimental mode


- All mob varieties have received updates featuring new textures, including enhancements to spawn eggs and shields.
- The detection radius for potential threats has been significantly reduced.
- This entity is native to the Wasteland biome.
- It instinctively flees from spiders, except when it's in a balled-up state.
- Enhanced aquatic capabilities and visual effects while in water have been implemented.
- Offspring rapidly grow to match the size of their parents.
- This entity collapses when it sustains damage from players or different mobs.
- Twenty seconds after being damaged, it reverts back to its standard form.
- It returns to its normal state 20 seconds post-damage.

Some elements in the graphic:

- Display issues with certain items have been rectified.
- The lighting system has undergone enhancements for better performance.
- There are now refined shadow effects.
- Major updates have been applied to the graphical preview feature.

Additional Updates:

- The breeze's texture and its projectile movement have been improved.
- Domesticated wolves are now adorned with bigger collars and have received enhancements in their armor texture.
- There have been modifications to the makeup of various items.
- Now, when objects interact with polished tuff, sound effects are produced.


- The game is automatically installed to external storage on devices with Android 12 and newer versions.
- Each tree variety now features freshly designated names for its leaves and wood slabs.
- The grass block's name is now changed.
- The revamped "has_property" filter streamlines the process of choosing objects by their distinct characteristics.
- The "Speaking out text" function has received enhancements.
- A variety of blocks have been programmed to emit unique sounds.
- Updates have been applied to the error reporting interface.

Similarities with Java

Fascinating updates include:

1. Modifications have been made to the Globe design on Shields.
2. Updated Attributes for Domesticated Wolves:

- These wolves now receive half the damage they used to from various sources, with the exception of Arrows and assaults from players.
- The maximum health for these wolves has been increased to 40 units.
- To restore their health to its peak, wolves tamed previously must be fed.
- The rate at which wolves recover health through feeding has seen a twofold increase.


Include the following items:

- Stopping automatic installation of some items.
- Removing items from either a Frame or Chair won't cause any damage to the blocks.
- The touch interface stays consistent while on the death screen.
- Traversing through areas with sweet berry bushes will now slow down the player's movement.
- The quality of lighting in homes equipped with skylights has been enhanced to create a more pleasant atmosphere.
- Navigating away from the latest news will automatically redirect you to the previous page.
- The game no longer needs to be restarted for the latest news to be displayed.
- Text removed from the inventory search will no longer resurface.
- It is now possible to construct blocks on water surfaces.
- It is possible to reduce fall damage by flying upward while falling

Technical updates

There are more than a dozen innovations in this section that are aimed at improving the work of content creators for the game.

We warn you that when installing test versions of Minecraft, there may be bugs that may affect your gameplay. To prevent this from happening, make backup copies of your worlds.
Minecraft PE for Android


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