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Minecraft PE for Android

Minecraft PE for Android
Download the latest test version of Minecraft on your Android devices to check out the latest features. This week's updates include the arrival of a new Vault block and some changes to the functionality of new mobs.


• Generated in the “Test Chamber” structure.
• The block contains various valuable items, including drops.
• It can only be opened with the Key.
• Available for an unlimited number of players, but restricted to one use per individual.
• The absence of orange particles indicates that the block hasn't been opened.
• The well's status, open or closed, depends on the player's actions: if the block was opened previously, the well will be closed; otherwise, it will remain open.
• The block is able to change the location and demonstrate what the drop will be.
• From the presented list of available items, random items will drop out of the block.
• If the block is damaged, there will be no drop.
• The player cannot create such a block and cannot move it.
• Explosions do not cause damage.

Experimental changes


• Has new sounds when folding.
• Novel sounds surround the vicinity.
• A player assaulting a mob is deemed a threat for a duration of ten seconds.


• Currently engages in combat with iron golems.
• Breeze will not attack: skeletons, zombies, spiders and some other mobs. But these mobs are not aggressive towards him either.
• New particle color.


• Small mobs will make sounds and particles when they are fed.
• Simplified the names of Eggs for summoning creatures.
• Now you can sort mobs by properties.
• New section “Realm Events”, which automatically creates stories with the best events of each player in Realms.

Bug fixes

There are about 12 fixes, we want to highlight the main ones:

· Modified the settings of the "/damage" command.
· It's no longer possible to destroy all Turtle Eggs simultaneously in Realms.
· The loading process of the game no longer halts at the initial percentages.
· Adjusted the sound levels for Phantoms and Wardens.
· Addressed minor issues in the Realms menu.

Technical updates

This section introduces over twenty innovations designed to enhance the experience for game content creators.

Please note that installing Minecraft test versions may introduce bugs that could impact your gameplay. To avoid potential issues, create backup copies of your worlds.
Minecraft PE for Android


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