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Minecraft PE for Android

Minecraft PE for Android
Discover the latest release update for Minecraft PE (Bedrock), designed as a testing ground for the upcoming Trial Chambers update in version 1.21. Dive into the new features and tweaks by downloading this version and exploring all it has to offer. Plus, enjoy the improvements and bug fixes included in this release.

Introducing the Minecraft update

Exciting news for Android users: the latest Minecraft PE (Bedrock) update is here! Dive into this version to test out its features, but first, ensure a smooth experience by enabling experimental gameplay processes before creating your world. By doing so, you'll unlock a sneak peek into the upcoming 1.21 features seamlessly integrated into the game.

Trial Chambers

Explore the Trial Chambers, a structure teeming with various traps, mobs, and treasures in Minecraft PE (Bedrock). These chambers generate procedurally, ensuring each structure is uniquely challenging and rewarding.


Encounter this unique mob within the Trial Chambers. The Breeze attacks with gusts of wind that push you around in Minecraft PE (Bedrock). Their breezy assaults can trigger mechanisms, opening and closing doors or hatches.


Introducing the Challenger, a new spawner in Minecraft PE (Bedrock) that unleashes mobs into the fray. The number of mobs spawned depends on the number of players engaging in combat. Defeating them will yield rewards from this spawner.
Minecraft PE for Android


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