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Minecraft PE for Android

Minecraft PE for Android
Hurry up to download the newest test version of Minecraft to your Android device. By installing the update, you will improve the functions of new mobs (Armadillo and Breeze), as well as storage. In addition, this time we added some more innovations and, of course, worked on fixes to optimize the gameplay.

Experimentation Updates

1. Armadillo Enhancements: The Armadillo showcases a new rolling animation and now peeks out from its rolled-up position. It unrolls and becomes alert 4 seconds post-threat detection.

2. Updated Storage Design: The appearance of storage containers has been refreshed. The keyholes remain unlocked until interaction by all nearby players, at which point they become locked.

3. Breeze Modifications: The Breeze mob introduces variable damage levels, selectable through experimental gameplay settings.

New Features

• Wooden blocks are now organized by type for easier access.
• During gameplay, players are provided with tips to improve their gaming journey.
• The frame for the End portal has been moved to the Nature section in Creative mode.
• Realms introduce distinctive and exclusive events for player discovery.
• In split-screen mode, Realm stories are accessible solely by the main account holder.
• A redesigned death screen offers a uniform look across the game.

Resolved Issues:

• Using Silk Touch to gather cave vines now guarantees the preservation of glowing berries.
• An update to their functionality means cake candles now fall as expected.
• Realms chunks cease to load without player presence, enhancing efficiency.
• Realms' user interface buttons have been adjusted for better interaction.
• Console block visuals display correctly, enhancing visual consistency.
• Button functionality across the game has seen improvements.
• The creation of the End Portal room has been restored, guaranteeing its availability in the game's environments.

Updates in technology

Here are about 18 new features aimed at improving the experience for game creators.

Keep in mind that installing test versions of Minecraft may bring about bugs that could affect your gameplay. To prevent any potential issues, make sure to create backups of your worlds.
Minecraft PE for Android


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