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Minecraft PE for Android

Minecraft PE for Android
A new Beta version of Minecraft PE (Bedrock) on Android phone has been released! And in this version, the developers have worked on optimizing and fixing bugs that were found in past test versions of the game. And also we were added to the game a new mob.


Feature Beta;
Bug Fixes;
Wind Charge;

Feature Beta

Before creating a world, be sure to enable all experimental gameplay so that all the test innovations brought by this Beta/Preview version for Minecraft PE (Bedrock) can be added to the game.

Bug Fixes

We have been fixed a number of bugs and errors in the new version of Minecraft PE (Bedrock).

The list:

The game no longer hangs.


This is a new mob that will spawn in swamps in Minecraft PE (Bedrock), and can also be found in challenge rooms. It will shoot poison arrows at you.



Has 16 health instead of 20.
Attacks at 3.5 sec intervals instead of 2.
Bogged in Minecraft PE (Bedrock)

Wind Charge

Wind Charge will now drop a breeze item. This is a new item that can be thrown in Minecraft PE (Bedrock) and discard mobs or activate mechanisms with wind.

Wind Charge
Minecraft PE for Android


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