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Minecraft PE for Android

Minecraft PE for Android
Attention all Minecraft enthusiasts! We're thrilled to unveil the newest beta release of Minecraft for Android, packed with exciting updates and enhancements.

This latest version shines a spotlight on refining the functionality and aesthetics of Wolf Armor and Storage, along with implementing 10 alterations to make your gaming experience even more captivating.

Don't forget about the new Hardcore mode, adding an extra layer of challenge for true Minecraft heroes!

New mode – Hardcore

• All players will be able to test it in experimental mode soon.
• A feature of the regime is the lack of the ability to be reborn.
• In this case, all players will automatically play in the hardest level.

Experimental settings

There are two innovations here, namely:

• Generated the test chamber as in the Java version.
• The Vault makes a new sound when hit and also has improved display.

Wolf armor

This item has been upgraded as follows:

• No included experiments needed.
• Players have the option to recolor it using any of the available hues.
• Comes with an effect similar to "Absorption."
• Has 64 durability units.
• When subjected to damage, it displays a cracking animation.
• As soon as the strength expires, it will collapse.
• Using the armadillo's scutes while sitting on the wolf allows for its repair.

However, there is a notable downside that requires attention: sustained damage from sources like lava or slugs eventually results in destruction.


• The Armadillo is now naturally found in the game world without the need for experimental features to be enabled. Folding and unfolding the Armadillo does not affect its breeding cooldown.
• Improvements have been made to streamline the interface of Realms History, along with fixes for underlying issues.
• Harvesting fully matured Cocoa Pods now yields three Cocoa Beans, enhancing resource output.
• The feedback button has been relocated to the settings section for easier access.
• Additionally, a slider option has been added to toggle hints, with an extended duration for their display.
• The movement button size has been increased for better user interaction.
• Changes have been made to rename imported worlds for better organization.
• Finally, selected items in the inventory now feature a blue background, making them easier to identify during gameplay.

Error Corrections

Twenty-one distinct issues have been addressed, including adjustments to various in-game mechanics and visuals.

• Recent updates address issues concerning the shadows cast on wolf collars and the alignment of their tails, guaranteeing accurate depiction throughout the game.

• Notably, both Spiders and Cave Spiders now display a sense of wariness in the presence of Armored Horses, even when the Experimental Mode is enabled, contributing to a more realistic and immersive gaming experience.

• An interesting development involves the application of the "Fortune" enchantment to tools, resulting in an increased yield of up to six sweet berries from sweet berry bushes, providing players with an expanded resource pool.

• Players will appreciate the newfound ability to create double slabs by skillfully stacking two individual slabs, offering greater versatility in architectural design and construction endeavors.

• Another noteworthy tweak involves refining the vertical positioning of tamed creatures following teleportation, ensuring their proper placement in their new surroundings.

• Horses and boats no longer experience random displacement after players dismount, improving stability and gameplay consistency.

• Adjustments have been made to item icons within the Minecraft inventory interface, enhancing visual clarity and usability.

Technical upgrade

Here, present a collection of more than 30 innovations meticulously crafted to elevate the journey for game content creators.

It's important to bear in mind that installing trial versions of Minecraft might introduce glitches that could affect your gameplay. To steer clear of any potential problems, it's advisable to generate backup copies of your worlds.
Minecraft PE for Android


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