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Minecraft PE for Android

Minecraft PE for Android
Great news for Minecraft fans everywhere! The newest test iteration, Minecraft, is now available for Android users. Packed with exciting features and improvements, this update introduces fresh wolf variations, a revamped Server Screen, and a total of 14 other enhancements to delve into. Join us as we delve into the depths of this latest Minecraft escapade and uncover the marvels that await!

Wolves variants

• There will be eight different species in total, which differ in habitat (biome).
• In the taiga, 4 Pale Wolves will be spammed in a pack.
• In the forest - forest.
• In the snow biome there is an ash wolf.
• There are now black wolves in the pine taiga, and chestnut wolves in the spruce taiga.
• In the Jungle you can meet Rusty Wolves, which will appear 2-4 mobs in a group.
• The spotted wolf lives in the savannah, and the striped wolf lives in the wasteland. They will usually run 4 – 8 wolves in a pack.
• In the meadows, a snow mob is generated in one quantity.

Revised Server Interface

- The layout has been slightly altered with the inclusion of the Activities and News tabs.
- Additionally, users now have the ability to incorporate their own servers.

Experimental changes

1. Clarifications on Wind Charge:

· Inflicts 0.5 points of damage.
· Originates from the center of the dispenser.
· Mirrors the behavior found in the Java edition of the game.
· Deals damage comparable to that of Breeze.
· Maintains clear visibility in-game during attacks.
· Crouching players experience increased knockback.

• New position of the weapon during throwing.

2. The Swamper now has a new look with new improvements to textures and models. He also drops two mushrooms when he trims.
3. Challenge rooms no longer generate in The End dimension.


All innovations concern Realms. Here's a short summary:

• Opting out of stories will render them in a darker hue.
• Upon story publication, reading starts from the initial page of all stories.
• Exiting the screenshot publishing menu will automatically save it as a draft in the history.
• Edited some buttons so that they display correctly in different languages.


• Fixed the interaction of liquids with a bucket.
• If you are a guest player, you can also decorate the Armor.
• We adjusted the display of the leash.
• The wolves jump on their target again.
• We adjusted the generation of rabbits and foxes in the biome.
• Now the text is displayed when you type in Realms and the screen lock has also been removed when the settings are open.
•All new structures are generated correctly even on weaker processors.
• If a crafting recipe has not been unlocked, it will not appear in the lists.
• Animation activates when manipulating items with the sensor.
• The login button reappears on the console screen.

Technical Enhancements:

Introduced 31 technical upgrades aimed at addon development and testing. Included a range of technical adjustments to enhance performance and functionality.

Kindly be informed that the current release is a test version. It is advisable to create backups of your worlds as a precautionary measure.
Minecraft PE for Android


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