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Minecraft PE for Android

Minecraft PE for Android
We are pleased to announce that a new version of Minecraft has been released and is already available for download on your Android devices.

In this release you will be able to see the updated Swampers, use the wind charge, and also interact with the Storage block. Among the changes will be the HP of wolves, it has increased by as much as 2 times, but this only applies to tamed ones.

Wind charge

• Used as a weapon to introduce ranged combat. Here's the most important thing about him:
• Has a similar shooting pattern to Breeze's attack, but knocks back mobs a little harder.
• Enemies will suffer damage if they are directly hit by a projectile.
• Drop when a mob dies in the amount of 4 – 6 units.
• You can collect up to 64 pieces in stacks.
• To reload you need to throw it up, the time is half a second.
• Mechanisms can be activated.
• If a player uses throws on themselves, they will take fall damage, depending on their height.

Swampman or Swamp Skeleton

• A new mob that can be found in swamps and challenge rooms.
• This kind of skeleton will shoot poison arrows at you every 3.5 seconds.
• Such arrows can be obtained after the death of mobs.
• Has 16 health units.


• This block will spawn in challenge rooms. And you can open it with a copper key.


• Each block can only be opened once.
• Your friend will also be able to open the vaults that you opened.
• If the block has not been opened more than once, it will emit orange particles.
• The keyhole appears open or closed, depending on the player's early actions with it.
• Can move around and display a list of drops.
• Each opening does not guarantee a specific item, it drops randomly.
• If the block is broken then there will be no drop.
• It is resistant to explosions.
• Players cannot make or move it.

Similarities with Java

• The Globe pattern on the shields became identical to the computer version.
• Tamed Wolf Enhancements:

- Tamed wolves now exhibit greater resilience, enduring only half the damage from various sources, excluding arrows and player attacks.
- Their vitality has been augmented, boasting a robust health pool of 40 points.
- Existing tamed wolves require nourishment to recover fully, promoting their sustained well-being.
- Feeding tamed wolves now yields twice the restorative effect, ensuring their swift recuperation and continued loyalty.


8 innovations were implemented. Basics:

• Now when feeding mobs they will make new sounds and there will be new particles.
• When using the Luck enchant on a drop, there will now be changes in items.


More than 30 fixes in this update. Mostly all were in test versions. Important:

• Some falling sounds when colliding with blocks have been improved.

Technical update

This section contains about 56 points that relate to changes in the technical spectrum of the game. This affects the work of testers and modification developers.
Minecraft PE for Android


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