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Minecraft PE for Android

Minecraft PE for Android
Set forth on a fresh adventure alongside your companions with the latest test iteration of Minecraft tailored for Android users. This update introduces a new weapon - the mighty mace, as well as two items needed to create it.

With an array of enhancements, boasting 25 thrilling modifications and 14 significant bug fixes, this update pledges to elevate your Minecraft journey to uncharted territories.


A melee weapon designed for close-quarters combat. Here are its key features:

- Damage increases based on the user's elevation.
- Allows players to strike enemies while descending upon them, without suffering health loss.
- Nearby mobs are knocked back and receive damage upon impact.
- Can be utilized alongside the breeze charge.
- The mace can be repaired using the breeze rod at an anvil.

Breeze Rod

• Drop from a mob.
• Utilized in the crafting of fresh weaponry and gust charges.

Heavy core

An item that emerges from Storage and serves as a crucial component in forging a mace when paired with the Breeze Rod.

Experimental innovations

Armor Decoration

• Introduced a fresh embellishment for armor, accessible through storage locations.

Flag Pattern

• New 2 banners, you can also get their storage.

Clay Jugs

• Three novel patterns have been introduced, available for discovery within the "Trial Chambers" structure.

Trial chambers

• Numerous chambers have been incorporated into the environment.
• Certain components have undergone renaming.
• The frequency of test spawner generations has been elevated.
• Discovery of clay shards is now possible.


• Adjacent blocks have undergone revisions.
• Drop rates have been adjusted, resulting in increased yield, though items for the Horse have been excluded.


• E Adjusted the respiration of the mob underwater.
• A pair of Breeze Rods is obtainable.


• Expanded the rendering range of blocks on Xbox consoles.
• Equipping wolf armor now mitigates damage inflicted by Guardians, accompanied by refreshed sound effects.
• Now players will see a little more hints, this will help new players.

Similarities with Java

• The Guardian's attacks will be less effective against those protected by the shield.


• The Armadillo now possesses a rapid walking assault.
• Adjusted the rendering of beds and rectified their visibility issues.
• Skins are displayed correctly.
• Now, when players construct a bridge, blocks are no longer duplicated.
• Accessing Realm history no longer obstructs the screen.
• Some adjustments to wolf armor:

- As soon as it is destroyed, particles appear.
- Continuous sources of damage like lava no longer contribute to rapid deterioration.
- Displayed without errors when held.
- Can be repaired using shields.

Technical update

More than 30 innovations that relate to technical aspects will help improve the work of testers and content creators for the game.

We warn you that this version is a test version. This means that there may be errors and bugs that will affect your gaming experience. For security reasons, it is better to make backup copies of your worlds.
Minecraft PE for Android


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