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Minecraft PE for Android

Minecraft PE for Android
Unveiling the freshest beta release of Minecraft PE for Android thrill-seekers! Brace yourselves for an expedition brimming with a map for Treasure Chambers, streamlined friend addition menus, and the eradication of 16 troublesome glitches.

Experimental Content

1. Challenge Room Map

• Exchanged with the Cartographer.
• Convenient for finding a location.

2. Enhanced Friends Menu Features:

• A meticulously curated selection of recommended friends, accompanied by individual QR codes allotted to each user for seamless friend connections.
• Access a dedicated button designed for swift tag copying, ensuring convenient sharing and communication.


In the most recent update, developers have addressed a total of 16 bugs. Noteworthy fixes include:

• Resolving issues where iOS smartphones would freeze upon exiting the game or remaining idle.
• Adjusting the camera perspective post-death to provide a more seamless transition.
• Guaranteeing that leaping underwater no longer leads to drowning.
• Rectifying situations where the /summon command disrupted the wolf taming process.
• Enhancing the visual display of wolf armor when placed within frames.
• Implementing fixes for errors encountered in Realms History, ensuring better stability and functionality.
• Improved behavior of Ironclads after they turn around.
• In the Educational mode, players now encounter the refreshed death screen without any delays.
• Upon accessing the recent events tab, players can view the stories they have shared.

Technical updates

About five dozen innoations to improve the work of testers and content moderators.

We strongly recommend that you back up your worlds before installing the test version. Since such an update may lead to losses in your gameplay.
Minecraft PE for Android


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