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Minecraft PE 0.12.0

Minecraft PE 0.12.0
By downloading Minecraft PE 0.12.0, players will be able to use new game mechanics and features that improve the gameplay. Notable additions include a hunger system, potion brewing, and dynamic weather changes.

What's special about Minecraft PE 0.12.0?

- Technical improvements, including textures, animation, particles.
- Completely new mechanics (hunger, potion brewing, experience gain).

Minecraft PE 0.12.0

Hunger system and

The introduction of the hunger system in Minecraft PE 0.12.0 adds a new level of realism and complexity to the game. Players must now track their hunger levels and consume food to replenish their satiety bar. Therefore, you will now need to prioritize collecting food resources along with other goals.

experience indicator

Additionally, Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.12.0 introduces an experience system that allows players to gain experience points in a variety of ways, such as defeating mobs, mining ores, or cooking. This gives players a sense of progress and reward for their gaming activities.

Change of weather and different difficulty modes

Weather dynamics have also been updated in Minecraft PE 0.12.0 with the addition of snowy and rainy weather conditions. Snowfall occurs in cold biomes, and rainfall occurs in warm biomes. This adds immersion to the game world and creates a more dynamic and atmospheric environment for players to explore.

Moreover, players now have the ability to customize the difficulty level of their game in Minecraft PE 0.12.0, with four levels ranging from peaceful to difficult. Each difficulty level affects different aspects of gameplay, including mob spawn rates and behavior, offering players greater control over the gameplay experience.

New mob - Ocelot

Finally, the addition of ocelots as a rare mob in Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.12.0 introduces a new creature to the game. Ocelots can be found in jungle biomes and add variety to the game's wildlife. Players can interact with ocelots and even meet hatchlings, further enriching the exploration experience.
Minecraft PE 0.12.0


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