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Minecraft PE for Android

Minecraft PE for Android
The first test version of Horizons Update is out! Download Minecraft PE, which offers a huge number of new products.

Besides the fact that the Minecraft beta includes everything that is already in the user test, it also offers a lot of new things. And these won't just be fixes, improvements and changes, although those, of course, are also present in the gameplay.

What's new in Minecraft

Before looking at the updates in MCPE, let's take a look at what has already received fixes. This:

  • Interface scaling
  • History in Realms
  • Breaking Blocks in Creativity
  • Creating maps in Realms
  • Mob spawn position
  • Stuck in the middle of loading a world
  • Using sprint by character
  • Achievements on X-Box
  • Floating boats
  • Character crouch
  • Opening containers and their interface
  • Purpose of control buttons for smartphones
  • Pressing Enter when playing on PC

    We also made a small number of changes to the Minecraft gameplay. Namely:

  • The cauldron will now retain the color of the potion when using pistons
  • Divided up the tall grass
  • Automatic stacking of items when dropped now occurs in the game
  • Block drops when using explosives have been adjusted
  • Added automatic copying of maps when exporting them
  • Improved tooltips

    The user interface has been updated and improved. Currently, Minecraft on Android provides the following features:

  • Achievement progression added
  • Improved the friends screen in the game
  • Subscribers added
  • Implemented statistics and their comparison

    There have also been changes to the experimental gameplay in Minecraft BE, here's what they did:

  • Removed the collision of wind charges with each other
  • The web has acquired sounds
  • Added features for the heavy core
  • The challenge spawner now only turns on if you are close to it
  • The test structure is generated somewhat less frequently
  • Improved the breeze and fixed it

    The beta version of Minecraft Bedrock Edition added improved documentation templates for creating mods, as well as a content option that is "Sinister".

    These are the tests:

    Activated by exploring the Trial Chambers while the character has the Bad Omen debuff.
    Significantly increases the difficulty of the dungeon


  • The “Bad Omen” effect lasts for almost two hours
  • There are five levels - they differ in duration
  • The bottle disappears when used
  • Stacks
  • Can be found in the vault or can be dropped by the captain of a robber raid


  • Accordingly, it unlocks the “sinister vault”
  • Drops after the corresponding spawner

    The Sinister Spawner is a more "dangerous" variant of the Challenge Spawner. The developers worked hard on it in Minecraft:

  • The reward is much higher
  • Opponents are more difficult
  • Has different textures
  • Spawning monsters will have equipment if they can wear it
  • Fires projectiles


    Corresponds to the appearance of the spawner

  • Need a key to unlock
  • Has a cool reward
  • For now it may contain a bug - it will generate empty


  • They have become much more difficult if the “sinister” option
  • Sometimes you have to fight in MCBE with an entire raid

    Monsters that can spawn can now have special effects, of which there are (for now) four:

  • Bit - discarded in case of death
  • Weavers – spam webs and calmly walk through them
  • Slugs – after each death, two slugs are generated
  • Infected - silverfish may appear after death in the game
  • Minecraft PE for Android


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