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Minecraft PE for Android

Minecraft PE for Android
Friends, a new test version of Minecraft has been released for your Android devices. If you download it, you will have new functions when using the Mace, as well as a new effect and even 5 pictures.

Experimental Content


• Has 3 types of enchantment:
• When using Wind Squall, enemies are hit by the wind blast, but the player is knocked up.
• Density increases the characteristics of the weapon, due to this the attack increases.
• The breach crushes any armor.

2. New effect “Raid Omen”:

• Changes a bad omen to this one within half a minute.
• The raid starts next to the player.
• The milk will act to prevent the Raid from starting.

3. Five versions of the Paintings appeared.
4. The landscape in the Test Room structures has been corrected.
5. The Sinister Spawner block now displays the items that will drop.


• Coral blocks have different names to use the commands.
• When activating Educational Mode, players will have chemical elements in their inventory.
• Touch control has become more convenient.


• Fixed crashes when teleporting to points associated with the piston and push chest.
• There are no crashes when dying in water.
• In the hardest mode, you can select "Watch the World" from the death screen.
• The infinite collapse of Armadillos when damaged has been eliminated.
• The text is read again without errors.
• When swimming, the movement buttons are now displayed in a more convenient position.
• On Xbox, it's now easier to return to messages using the keyboard.

Technical Enhancement

Within this update, approximately 20 advancements have been implemented to enhance the efficiency of content testers and moderators.

We advise users to exercise caution as downloading test versions may result in the loss of gameplay progress, hence, it is advisable to create backup copies beforehand.
Minecraft PE for Android


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