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Minecraft PE for Android

Minecraft PE for Android
If you want to test new features in the game, we suggest downloading the beta version of Minecraft for Android devices. It includes several improvements and important fixes, and players will no longer need to switch to Experimental features.

Experimental features

• No slider activation required.
• To buy a map for test rooms you need to activate the settings.


• Now an updated version of the player profile screen will be available on game consoles such as Xbox and PlayStation.
• New plant names to use grass-related commands.
• Made the shades of particles in the effects separate.
• All new effects will last for three minutes.
• During the duel, the breeze glides.


• Looting Patterned Vases does not provide endless loot.
• Vault and New Look The Ominous Vault has the correct texture.
• All new effects are displayed with the correct particles.
• Using Tuff Blocks does not cause failures in Stonecutter.
• You can now create Waxed block variants again.
• Crafting new copper options available.
• The copper hatch block does not turn over when wax is applied to it.
• The camera does not lag when switching.
• We established the Swampman's attack.
• Advertising for the Realms trial period has been edited.
• The dolimitedcrafting team is responsible for access to open crafting recipes.
• Adjusted the display of inventory and slots.
• If an incorrect coordinate value is entered during respawn, the radius is reset.

Technical update

This update includes more than 40 innovations that have improved the work of content testers and moderators.

We warn you that you may lose your gameplay when downloading test versions, so we recommend making backup copies.
Minecraft PE for Android


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