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Minecraft PE for Android

Minecraft PE for Android
A test version of Minecraft PE for Android is available for download, in which changes and fixes await you.

The beta version of Minecraft PE offers a fairly extensive list of fixes. The developers also diluted the gameplay with changes and vanilla parity with the Java edition of the game. And now you can download and install this new test product on your smartphone for free using the link below.

Fixes in Minecraft Bedrock

In the Tricky Trials Update, the developers fixed the following problems in the game:

  • Texture of flag and quartz slabs
  • Drop loot from challenge spawners on old maps
  • Picking up items by mobs
  • Using sandstone block in a stove
  • Crafting some blocks in MCPE
  • Breezes getting stuck
  • Wind Projectile Damage
  • Enchant Trident
  • Realms
  • Saving the IDs of players and tamed creatures
  • Turtle shell helmet icon
  • Interface during sleep

    Among the new features in Minecraft for Android are improvements to the sounds of blocks, interaction with them, and errors. Added several melodies for caves. Realms in Minecraft Bedrock Edition, by the way, have a new appearance. But it is recommended to use the old view because it may contain errors.

    Made several changes which include:

  • Improved mushroom generation
  • Chance of their drop when destroying a giant mushroom
  • Pufferfish began to apply nausea effects
  • Bees will take water damage after one second
  • Improved block creation - copper, bricks

    Finally, new templates for developing modifications have been added to Minecraft Have a good game!
  • Minecraft PE for Android


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