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Minecraft PE for Android

Minecraft PE for Android
Full version of Minecraft PE for Android. Chambers of Testing, Ominous Trial Spawner, Mace, Bogged and all test items are already available in the first release.

Release of Minecraft on Android:

All available functions have been transferred from beta versions. Finally, the full version has the Chambers of Testing, Breeze, Swamp, Mace and much more

New opportunities

All functions from test versions have appeared:

Test chambers

  • Structure with random traps and challenges
  • Main Boss - Breeze
  • Challenge Spawners and Vaults appear


  • Dweller of the Chambers of Testing
  • Shoots Wind Projectiles
  • Can activate Levers, Doors and other blocks


  • New type of Skeleton
  • Shoots Poison Arrows
  • Spawns in the Swamps


  • New weapons
  • Deals damage depending on the height of the fall
  • Base Damage: 5

    3 Enchantments

  • Density - Mace deals more damage
  • Rift - reduces enemy armor
  • Wind Charge - Creates a Wind Charge on impact.


  • Allows you to automatically create items

    Test spawner

  • Spawns monsters
  • Gives rewards upon victory


  • Can be opened with Vault Key
  • Can be opened by any number of players
  • Each player can receive the reward only once

  • Copper blocks
  • Tuff blocks
  • Heavy Core - material for crafting Maces
  • Test Chambers Explorer Map

    Sinister Potion

  • Applies Bad Omen for 100 minutes

    Wind Charge

  • Projectile
  • Throws enemies into the air
  • You can jump yourself

    Breeze Rod

  • Used for crafting Maces

  • 2 new Flag Patterns
  • 2 new Armor Patterns
  • 3 new Music CDs
  • 20 Paintings

    Sinister Trials

  • Enhanced challenge options with more rewards

    Ominous sign

  • Strengthened version of Bad Sign
  • Allows you to turn a Challenge Spawner into a Sinister Spawner

    4 effects

  • Charged by the wind
  • Creates a wind charge on death


  • Allows you to traverse the Web twice as fast


  • Silverfish appear upon death


  • Slime will spawn upon death

  • 9 new Music CDs
  • 4 new Achievements
  • Updated player profile screen
  • Minecraft PE for Android


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