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Minecraft PE for Android

Minecraft PE for Android
Download Minecraft PE to your phone for free: become the most important test chamber explorer!

Minecraft Beta: Tricky Trials

Mojang, in Tricky Trials, decided to fully justify the name of the game version. In Minecraft PE, Steve will have to resort to various tricks to survive.

It is also worth noting the large number of new items added. With their help, Steve can easily defeat new opponents and thereby prove his professionalism.



With the help of a mace, a player in Minecraft will be able to quickly destroy entire hordes of opponents. Huge damage during a jump can even kill an ender dragon.


With the help of potions, players in Minecraft PE will be able to change the course of the battle at absolutely any moment. With the help of the flight potion, Steve will be able to escape from the battlefield or soften his fall at absolutely any time. Also, some of the potions are capable of causing high damage in Minecraft


When fighting Breeze, players in MCPE must be extremely careful, since this mob is capable of inflicting a huge amount of damage.
Fact: You can avoid damage by using a shield.

Ominous Trial Spawner

When the player receives the Ominous Omen status, Steve may notice that some blocks will be highlighted in red. This color means that an ominous spawner has appeared. It drops higher quality loot.
Minecraft PE for Android


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