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Minecraft PE for Android

Minecraft PE for Android
The creators, albeit belatedly, nevertheless pleased us with the next update of Minecraft Beta In this test version, some bugs that occurred during the game have been fixed, and the developers have made some improvements related to the generation of some items. With each version, it gets better, test it yourself.

Further, in detail what errors were fixed.

  • Empty chunks in old worlds won't bother you anymore. The developers have solved this problem.
  • In the Nezer, they have adjusted audio playback of music.
  • Foliage no longer becomes transparent when surrounded by blocks.
  • Lag with a shield in the left hand has been fixed, and should no longer be blocked.
  • The bug with generating a player in some worlds from the market has been resolved.
  • Double chests can no longer be split.
  • The red dragon will be absent in this and future versions.
  • Herobrine's health increased to 999999.

Improvements in the new version are related to Generation.

  • Cold biomes will no longer create ice pillars below zero.
  • You won't find azalea trees underwater as they don't spawn there anymore, but they do spawn in shallow water.
  • Another change, without the azalea, the roots will not be able to form.
  • Last in this paragraph, the pillars from the droplet on the surface are not formed.

For equality of versions, it was decided to remove the Deep Warm Ocean biome.


Applies to Android user only

  • API version temporarily 30 to API 29
  • Due to new requirements from Google, player files are transferred to a new storage location when the game is launched, along with external storage.
  • Always check the box to keep the files, otherwise they will be deleted.
Minecraft PE for Android


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