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Minecraft PE for Android

Minecraft PE for Android
As always, Minecraft developers release something new every week, and this time it's a beta version of Minecraft for Android. This update has a new interface, Experimental Mode has improved performance, added 7 changes and some features to make it par with Java Edition.

Experimental Mode

The creators of the game decided to improve the animation and behavior of the Frog mob.


Now these amphibians jump more often.
The time of birth of tadpoles from frog eggs has become longer.
The developers have increased Tadpole's hitbox. Minecraft.
The texture of the mob in grassland biomes has changed.
Changed the animation of the jump and the language of the mob.
The Frog now swims more naturally in the water.

New interface

Now, if you download Minecraft for Android, you can enable the updated interface in the beta version. When creating a world, click on the tab with it and give confirmation.

Equality with Java

7 items have been added to this section:

1. Now letter seeds and worlds have the same 64-bit generation.
2. The trembling of the hand when pulling the bowstring was removed.
3. Hitbox of falling blocks changed.
4. Changed the sale of glowing dust to glowstone at the priest.
5. With this version of Minecraft, you can put a leash on an unbroken wolf.
6. The trade menu has been updated.


A total of 7 innovations were introduced.

1. A new filter has appeared for Selectors called hasitem, with the help of which mentions select entities by their subjects.
2. Damage calculation improved.
3. In the deep oceans, spawning of most fish species has been added.
4. Inventory lost the icon with a question.
5. Changed key combination assignments for chat.
6. On the workbench, you can automatically remove / put on armor.
7. From now on, recipes that use a 3x3 slot will not be displayed in the inventory.

What bugs have been fixed?

Fixed 36 basic bugs that interfered with the gameplay.

The main ones are:

1. TNT stopped moving after a fire.
2. Dropped items have the right look.
3. Generation of Jaws of the Evoker now works correctly.
4. Now the water is correctly placed on the blocks that are under water.
5. Teleportation outside the draw has no errors.
6. Now there are no bugs when interacting with the Bell.
7. Removed hovering when riding a horse with elytras.
8. Fixed errors in the paths of some mobs.
9. The player can now hold Spawn Eggs and trade with a villager.
10. Disappearance of witches from the raid is no more.
11. Crash from the character creation menu has been fixed.
12. Corrected the names of the tabs in the inventory.
13. Made several improvements for the villagers:

If the player is holding an emerald, then all items are displayed;
Now you can not take Wheat and Beet seeds from them;
They are not afraid of the Zombified Piglin.

Technical changes

In total, 19 technical changes were introduced into the game, which are aimed at improving the work of modification developers and game testers.

Removed support for the Scripting API component.
There is a new command - /volumearea, which edits areas.
Map and mod creators will also appreciate the new window that allows you to create simple dialogues.

Don't forget that you should always make backup copies of the worlds when downloading test versions.
Minecraft PE for Android


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