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Minecraft PE 1.18.10 for Android

Minecraft PE 1.18.10 for Android
Sandbox users can take a breath as the new Minecraft game update has been released for all platforms. The developers of Mojang Studios have made several adjustments to the game, as well as made many new changes to the gameplay to make this release even better. Now frogs will jump through the swamps and drop blocks of frog light.

Wild update

Users will now be able to try content from Minecraft 1.19 Wild Update using experimental options. To do this, they need to be activated in the world settings.


  • Generates in swamp biomes.
  • Amphibious - can live both on land and under water.
  • There are three types of frogs: white, brown and green.
  • The type of mob is determined by the biome in which the frog was born.
  • In order for a frog to start breeding, you need to give it sea grass. It will then lay its eggs in the water.
  • Hostile to slugs and lava cubes.



  • One of the stages of a frog.
  • Lives exclusively in water, dies on land.
  • You can collect mobs with a bucket.
  • After a certain time, it turns into an adult frog.


Block Frog Light

  • Frog drop after eating slime or lava cube.
  • There are three block colors: Pearlescent, Green and Brown-yellow.
  • Light block, light level 15.
  • Can be used as decoration.

Changes in the update

  • Users can switch worlds during gameplay, both in the local world and Realms.
  • The Globe flag has a new design.
  • Players can use the /loot command again.
  • Using the /damage command, you can attack mobs.
  • Changed the placement of Large Hardsheet on some blocks.

Texture rework

  • Appearance Cave creepers do not have a gray tint.
  • Changed the textures of some items and blocks.


  • The transition layer of stone and deep schist changed the spawn levels. Now they are generated from Y = 0 to Y = 8, instead of from Y = -8 to Y = 0.
  • Spruce trees spawn in the Mountain Grove Biome.
  • At deeper levels, the fossil remains are composed of diamond ore.

Version equality

  • Even more common features with Minecraft Java Edition.
  • The otherside plate now outputs a redstone signal level of 14.
  • The Pigstep record now outputs a redstone signal level of 13.
  • Bow shaking animation has been changed and is activated only when the string is drawn.
  • As soon as you defeat all mobs from the raid, fireworks will be posted.
  • If the villager has no goods, he says "No".
  • Ill Omen effect particles do not affect the player.
  • Edited tables for merchants.
  • Iron Golems now have a level of destruction.
  • The villager does not have an emerald mark.
  • Glowing Lichen's level is similar to Java Edition.
  • When jumping, the fox's gaze is directed downward.
  • In the caves, various elements of the game are generated in the same amount as in Java.
  • If you have a bad reputation due to the number of attacks on the villager, then the iron golems will attack you.

Fixed bugs

  • Found and fixed a bug due to which a bottle of honey did not clear the effects.
  • Lava hitbox works correctly.
  • Saved experience in the furnace is not duplicated.
  • Blocks of light can be placed on similar blocks when the player is sneaking.
  • If the user has removed the fire damage options, then the magma blocks no longer deal damage.
Minecraft PE 1.18.10 for Android


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