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Minecraft PE for Android

Minecraft PE for Android
Friends, the new test version of Minecraft is already available on Android. The developers added to this update Allay, the effect of darkness and made changes to the interface, in addition fixed bugs.


This little blue mob is the winner of the Minecraft Live 2021 vote.

• Generated when Experimental mode is activated.
• Picks up similar items that he holds in his hand.
• The mob drops found items right next to the Music Block.
• If Allay is holding an item given to him by a player, he will follow that user.
• If you activate a music block next to Allay, for 30 seconds he will drop items to this block, and not give them to the player.
• Items that are in the inventory of the mob, Allay transfers them to his owner.
• Allay occasionally spawns in cages near Reaver outposts and in Woodland Mansion.

There is a bug where Allay slows down when picking up and delivering an item, especially if there are identical blocks (for example, regular and red sand).


Dark Depths

If you activate Experimental parameters, then updated Sculk Blocks will appear.
In the near future, the depths boss Warden will appear.

Sculk Catalyst

A block that reacts to the death of mobs and emits soul particles.

• Becomes active if a creature dies within 8 blocks.
• Mobs that die nearby no longer drop experience.
• A charge appears in the place where the mob died.
• The charge turns blocks into rolling blocks.
• The experience of the killed creature affects the strength of the charge.
• Transforming one block costs 1 charge power.
• After the time has elapsed, the charge will disappear. This time depends on the distance to the Sculk Catalyst itself.
• If the charge was at the expense of 4 blocks, it turns into an Acoustic Sensor or Skulk Shriker.
• If the charges meet, they can combine.

Acoustic sensor

Two changes have been made to this block to match Minecraft: Java Edition.
Rolling pins no longer vibrate when activated if filled with water.
Vibrations can be dampened with the Wool Block.

Darkness effect

This is a new effect that accompanies when Warden and Skalk Screamer spawn.

• Reduces the brightness of the game to a minimum and limits the view.
• Dark Pulses will gradually dim any light sources.
• After adding Warden, torches will gain special value.

New management

Users who use the mobile version can activate the new management format.

For this:

Go to Settings and go to Touch.

Activate the "Enable New Touch Control Schemes" option.

New management

Corrected bugs

A total of 21 bugs were found and fixed in this update.

Among them:

• Updated the generation of Iron Golems and Cats.
• Now, in order to place scaffolding, you need a special block at level Y=0.
• Fire spread bug after FiretTick toggles has been fixed.
• Shulkers can now create a copy when hit by their projectile.
• Adjusted the animation of mobs while picking up items, now you can watch how they are attracted to it.
• Blaze's fireball now has knockback on impact.
• Acacia foliage now generates correctly on trees below level zero.
• Creatures no longer generate in campfires.
• Glowing Lichen no longer floats in the air.
• Changed some interactions with Glow Lichen, Torch, and Red Dust.
• Plants such as Azaleas and Water Lilies are not destroyed by the flow of water.
• Blocks such as Acoustic Sensors and Magma can be seen in the dark due to their faint glow.
• Villagers that are on fire can no longer trade.
• Commands no longer apply to players in all worlds.
• The Invite button has a new look.

Technical changes

In total, 8 changes were added, which mainly apply to the development of modifications and for testing in Minecraft.

Don't forget to make backup copies of the worlds when downloading the test version.
Minecraft PE for Android


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