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Minecraft PE for Android

Minecraft PE for Android
We are glad to announce the release of a new test version of Minecraft PE available for Android OS. This time we made some updates, namely, we added some functions to the Copper Horn (new) and Goat Horn items. Also, some gameplay bugs were fixed and 2 changes from Java Edition were added for version parity.

Copper horn

A new item that appeared in this version that can play sounds.


• To create an item, you will need: 3 pieces of Copper ingots and 1 Goat horn.
• In the grid, you need to arrange objects in the form of a V, where the goat horn will be located in the center.
• If you use the Horn of the Screaming Goat, the sounds will be different.
• To get the item, you need to activate the experimental mode.
• Generates at Rogue Outpost.
• In different positions, different sounds from the horn are reproduced. There are only three types: if you look up; if you sit down; if you do other things.

Goat horn

The creators of the game have made some updates to this item.

• If used will play a random sound.
• There is a separate sound for the Horn of the Screaming Goat.
• Generated at Rogue Outpost.
• The player will get this item when the animal rams such blocks as: Stone, Solid Ice, Iron, Copper and Emerald Ores or any kind of wood.
• It is possible to make Copper from this horn.
• Creature must have at least one horn.
• Small chance that the Goat will have one horn. At the same time, kids always have two horns.

Equality with Java

This update added 2 changes that add features to Bedrock from Java Edition.

1. Fixed camera shake when the player takes damage.
2. Now things like:

• Hell Brick;
• Gold and Iron Nugget;
• Two types of mushroom: Red and Brown;
• Plant and Fruit of Chorus.

not suitable as fuel in the furnace.

Corrected mistakes

A total of 10 bugs were fixed.

• Hunger bar stuck fixed.
• If the Rogue Captain is killed then the Ill Omen effect is applied.
• Resolved an issue that caused sound effects to overlap with damage and death of creatures.
• If the player has knockback resistance activated, then when attacking the Iron Golem, the knockback will be significantly less.
• Mobs no longer get stuck on maps from the Minecraft In-Game Market.
• You can change the thumbstick size using the slider in the Button Size section of the Touch settings.
• Items no longer disappear from the inventory.
• Menu items have richer colors.
• There is now a Behavior Set item on the world creation screen when using the new UI.


This upgrade has a bug with generating negative levels in old worlds that have not yet been launched in game versions 1.18 and higher.

Technical changes

The game developers have made 5 changes related to technical issues for developers and mod testers.

Attention. Since this is a beta version, always backup your worlds when you download so you don't lose them.
Minecraft PE for Android


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