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Minecraft PE for Android

Minecraft PE for Android
A new beta version of Minecraft for Android OS is already available for users of the cube game. In this release, 5 innovations related to Experimental features and 10 bugs in the gameplay were found and fixed.

Dark Depths

This is a new biome that is at a level below the ground.

• To generate a biome, you must enable experimental parameters.
• According to the Minecraft developers, this location will be the darkest and gloomiest biome in the game.
• On the entire surface there are Skulk blocks.
• It is here that the only Warden mob will live (at this stage it does not exist yet).

Boat with a chest

This is a new type of transport with which you can travel and explore the territory of the world. It has the appearance of a standard Boat, inside of which there is a chest.

• Experimental mode activation required.
• By the type of action, it is similar to the Trolley with a Chest.
• Convenient when traveling, as you can store and transport things there.
• Crafting Recipe: Combine a Boat and a Chest.

Experimental features

A total of 5 changes were added.

1. If Attack with an ax on a raised shield, then the functions of the shield are invalid for 5 seconds. New changes related to Allay:
2. After his work, the mob needs to rest.
3. Will pick up an object like the one he is holding in his hand.
4. When activated, the music block will be nearby.
5. The master cannot harm the creature.

Corrected mistakes

There are 10 of them in this version.

• Edited sensitivity on the new control interface.
• Now underwater lava lakes become obsidian without problems when loading the world.
• The creature's heal function does not give the mob the invincible trait.
• If you destroy the layer of snow on the flower, the plant will remain intact.
• Baby Hoglins can now deal damage to the player's character.
• The bug of Switching by Double-clicking the crouch button to fly mode has been resolved.
• Sprint with the CTRL key is activated again after hitting an obstacle.

Technical changes

Two new introductions for modders have been added.
Minecraft PE for Android


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