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Minecraft PE for Android

Minecraft PE for Android
Cubic Universe users can already enjoy content from the Wild Update by installing Minecraft PE beta. This update will feature a new biome, Mangrove Swamps, which will feature many new blocks. The developers have made 25 changes and fixed 21 bugs to improve the gameplay.

Mangrove swamps

This is another swamp biome that has Mangrove swamps growing on it, and the entire surface is covered in mud blocks.

Blocks that are located on the territory of the biome:

• Mangrove shoots (roots)
• Dirty mangrove roots
• Mangrove wood (you can get building materials - planks)
• New plank items became available (mangrove boat)
• Mangrove leaves are part of the tree
• Dirt
• Added new crafting recipes for blocks
• Now there is an animation of walking and diving into the mud
• Mud blocks
• Now has its own unique sound
• Will be updated
• Compacted mud

Wild Update content

The developers have made some changes to the experimental features.

• Now it is not necessary to activate the "Wildlife Refresh" option.
• Notifications will appear on the screen.
• When downloading, hints will appear.


There are many new features in this update. There are 25 changes in total.

• Dark Effect:
• Will be accompanied by a black mist, similar to the effect it had when blinded.
• You can adjust the brightness level in the settings.
• If you write negative values in the "fog_start" settings, then the fog will appear near the player.
• This smoke will change over time.
• Parrots will copy Warden's behavior.
• Updated the texture of the Cooking Rack.


• Has a distinctive sound.
• If there is no command for him, he will not move as fast.
• Now the creature can be located further from the owner.


• Shows no anger towards non-living mobs and towards himself.
• Added new sounds that will make when angry, dying and when injured.
• Even if the creature is no longer there, the mob will just be angry.
• The Acoustic sensor reacts to:
• Added an additional vibration range;
• A player who sneaks on a block or in water;
• The player who fell into the lava;
• Projectiles fired;
• Interactions with Chests;
• Any actions with Candles;
• Player Eating or drinking;
• Sound from a goat's horn;
• The activity of a large hardleaf.
• The acoustic sensor will not respond to projectiles if the player is sneaking.
• Frogs will not croak while eating fireflies.
• Wandering Trader:
• Now if lost or received the effect of invisibility will make a certain sound;
• You can give a name with the Tag.

Corrected mistakes

• Allay can be bound and renamed even if the item is in hand.
• Allay reacts to outgoing sounds from the Note Block.
• Warden feels the vibrations again.
• Fixed a bug due to which the right hand of Warden did not glow.
• Wastes that have been destroyed cannot be shattered.
• Fixed the work of the sensors.
• The look of the parrot on the shoulder became correct.
• During the fall, the player does not take damage if he lies on the bed during the fall.
• Lama cubs spit correctly again.
• The texture of the Bell does not merge with the wall and fence.
• Items that disappeared in the fox's mouth or in Allay's hands are now displayed.
• Spider and wolf paws look correct.
• Hand position in Armor Stance has been adjusted.
• Fixed a bug where the textures of the End portal were poorly visible.
• Improved the appearance of the Mycelium and End Rod.
• Beams of the End Crystal are correctly displayed.
• Fixed the work of the wandering merchant:
• Does not interact with the door.
• Free movement.
• While drinking, the sound is the same as in Java Edition.
• Debugged lightning strikes into the lightning rod.
• If a villager is riding something, he cannot sleep on the bed.

Technical changes

In this version, 25 technical changes have been added that relate to the development of modifications and testing.

Always make backups when downloading test versions.
Minecraft PE for Android


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