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Minecraft PE for Android

Minecraft PE for Android
Sandbox and craft lovers can already download the test version of Minecraft There are a few tweaks to this build, so Players can now drown in Soul Sand and Mud. The developers also fixed some bugs, which contributed to the optimization of the gameplay.

New changes

The main change in this update is related to the new parameter for the /summon command

• There is now rotation support: /summon [spawnPos : x y z] [yRot: float] [xRot: float] [spawnEvent: string] [nametag: string], where

— spawnPos means spawn coordinates;
— yRot and xRot to indicate the creature's rotation about Y and X;
— spawnEvent — events when a creature spawns;
— nametag is the name of the entity.

Version equality

There are a total of 11 changes in this section for equality between mobile and desktop (Bedrock with Java). Main:

• In the spectator mode, a natural effect was added - water fog.
• Players can grow sweet berries in their gardens.
• To match the Java Edition, Bubble Pillars have changed the pressure force.
• Reduced the Collision of the Grass Path and the Bed.
• Players can drown in mud blocks and soul sands.
• When swimming in mud, the texture does not overlap the screen.
• Projectiles that hit Dirt are now stable.
• Frogs and tadpoles, as well as fish, move better through Mud blocks.
• Evoker Jaws can damage Ravager.
• Ravager's speed and hitbox have been increased.

Corrected mistakes

In total, 5 points were corrected. Among them:

• Fixed an issue where the player was taking fall damage on the trapdoor in the Bubble Pillar.
• Improved the attack and damage of mobs with large ranges.
• Fixed bugs related to the inventory and crafting menu and dropping items from there.
• If you turn off the notification of death in the settings, it does not pop up.

Technical updates

This time, 6 points have been added for developers of modifications and testing.

Attention! When installing a test version of the game, make backup copies of your worlds.
Minecraft PE for Android


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