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Minecraft PE for Android

Minecraft PE for Android
The developers continue to improve the game and make changes to optimize it. Players can already install the new release of Minecraft, which has music already built into the game. This update carries over all the fixes and changes that were in the test version. Now you can use new hotkeys for faster actions. The stability of the game has become noticeably better.


1. In the Minecraft PE update, the developers included music in the game, due to which the size of the game increased to 600 MB. Music will work immediately after installation.
2. New templates for modifications are available at
3. New keyboard shortcuts for copying coordinates:

• Ctrl + Alt + C — current;
• Ctrl + Alt + X - block.
• To activate hotkeys, you need to select the parameter "Enable the user interface for copying coordinates" in the settings.

Spectator Mode Changes

• Cloaks are not visible on Spectators.
• No burning if the Spectator is in the Lava Cauldron.
• There is no effect from loose snow on the player.
• No particle animation when running.
• There is no Enderman reaction to the player.
• Removed manifestations of Pufferfish's aggression towards the Spectator.

Version Equality Changes

• The appearance of the fireball hitbox is similar to the computer version.
• There are sounds when working on the enchanting table.
• Removed the sounds from the amethyst block when jumping off of it.
• Improved the look of the watermelon.
• Renamed structures in '/locate' command. At the same time, they are now filled in automatically.
• Gates made of oak and mongrel wood can now catch fire easily.
• The characteristics of Hoglin and Zoglin are like the Java version.
• Fixed the frequency of generation of Sculk sides in the deep dark biome.
• The cat's head model in a sitting position is similar to the Java Edition.
• A resident who has been renamed demonstrates his level.


There were a lot of fixed bugs in the test versions of Minecraft. Main:

• Corrected pink texture tints in multiplayer mode.
• Items are returned to the correct slot in the inventory.
• Fixed the display of light blocks above the Armor Rack.
• Set up the Drop Command '/kill' on the chest boat.
• Enderman does not show aggression when playing in creative mode.
Minecraft PE for Android


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