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Minecraft PE for Android

Minecraft PE for Android
Download Minecraft and test the first content from the new update 1.20. Among the experimental content added a new animal - Camels and new blocks of Bamboo, as well as hanging signs.

Experimental features

To use the new content, you need to turn on the experimental mode. The slider in the settings has already been returned.

New blocks

Bamboo blocks

Now you can get various blocks from Bamboo. Main.

• Bamboo wood appeared, from which various wooden objects can be made.
• Can be used as a decorative option.
• The new boat variant is the Bamboo Raft and is also available with a Chest.

Bamboo blocks

Carved bookshelf

• Variety for the bookshelf.
• Crafting recipe: 6 planks and 3 wood slabs.
• You can store up to 6 books, regardless of the type.
• you can make hidden mechanisms using Redstone.
• Emits a signal when pressed.

Hanging plate

• A new type of plate.
• Placed on any block in any state.
• Made from all types of wood.
• When writing text, a new interface appears.

New mob


• Lives in the desert sometimes appears in desert villages.
• Eats cactus.
• You can ride two players at once.
• There is acceleration.
• Mobs cannot reach riders and deal damage.
• From time to time he sits down to rest.

Updates not related to new content.

The following changes will be available without enabling experimental features.

Camel minecaft

Version equality

Developers continue to make changes to Bedrock Edition to resemble the original version of Java. Among them:

1. Speeded up the run of the Little Villagers during the game of tags.
2. Updated various sounds related to the interaction of doors and hatches, pressing a button, and some blocks.

Corrected mistakes

7 bugs have been resolved in this update. More:

• No more attack and interaction delays.
• We set up an attack with the help of the Crossbow.
• The buttons on the joystick and the auto run buttons work without errors.
• The item is not lost on the Anvil screen.
• Improved buttons for copying coordinates.
• Fixed a bug due to which the generation of the world hung when changing dimensions.
• Baby mobs are again affected by all effects.

Technical updates

This section contains 14 new items that affect the work of testers and modders.

Do not forget to make copies of the worlds when installing the test version of Minecraft.
Minecraft PE for Android


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