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Minecraft PE for Android

Minecraft PE for Android
This Thursday, a new test version of Minecraft was released. Made 4 changes and 17 updates to Experimental Mode. Camel animations have been improved and interaction with Hanging Signs has been fixed. Also fixed 12 bugs.

Experimental mode

Updated 17 points for the mode. The innovations from the list below are displayed only when you turn on the Experimental mode. More:

• Updated the name of the new bamboo chest raft type. Look for it called Raft with a chest.
• The correct message is displayed when exiting a Raft with a chest.
• Changed the display of the button for adding a Sign.
• Creatures pass the Hanging Tablets unhindered.
• The player dismounts from the Camel when entering deep waters.
• Camels sit correctly when loading the world.
• Camels automatically pass an obstacle one and a half blocks high.
• Hanging Signs have no effect on Sporeflowers and Dropper.
• Fixed the installation of Hanging Signs and now they cannot be attached to the Bamboo Sapling.
• When two Bamboo Slabs break, players get the same blocks.
• The piston, when activated, can destroy Bamboo Saplings.
• Fixed the interaction of connected Command Blocks when using different ticks.
• Fixed a change in the sound strength of Hanging Signs.

New changes

Let's say a few words about the added 4 changes.

• The item stack counter is displayed in a white frame.
• The sign interface is closed if the player enters Spectator Mode.
• D3D12 provisioning for graphics cards and compatible Intel drivers has been added.

Corrected mistakes

There are 12 corrections in this section. Main:

• The Piston does not drop a regular Boat and a Boat with a chest to zero coordinates.
• Chunk mixing when converting old worlds (pre-1.18) works correctly.
• A book with a pen can be fully used again.
• When connecting to Realms, the game does not give strange errors.
• Blocks with creatures (for example, the Hive with bees) and Funnels do not affect the load of the game.
• The Dismount button is shown correctly.
• When using the Creative Inventory, the items are used correctly and returned to their place.
• Fixed the message in the chat after death at the hands of a mob with a modified item.
• The pressure plate does not stay stuck when the using player enters creative mode.

Technical updates

Only 6 technical changes. All innovations are aimed at improving the performance of the game in the process of creating modifications.

Do not forget to make backup copies of the worlds when installing the test version of the game!
Minecraft PE for Android


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