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Minecraft PE for Android

Minecraft PE for Android
At the beginning of this week, the full version of Minecraft was released. In this release, we fixed a large number of bugs, added changes for equality between Java version and Bedrock, and introduced several new features to optimize and improve the playful process.

Most of the changes and fixes you have already seen in the test versions. The developers just collected everything in a new full version. We will recall the most important moments and tell you about new ones.

Version equality

This section will have 4 points for Bedrock's equality with Java. More:

• The column of bubbles works better and stronger.
• When swimming, hunger comes more slowly.
• Ravager mob attack has become wider.
• The Ravager's movements have become more active.


Made 21 changes. The most interesting and new:

• A kill with a renamed weapon is displayed in chat.
• When a player dies from a mob with a renamed weapon, its name will be displayed on the death screen.
• There are no more mobs in the Ancient City.
• On the beds you can plant and grow Sweet berries.
• The Ravager takes damage from Jaws of the Evoker.
• You can now buy several types of enchantment books from the librarian.
• Partial failure by the player in Mud and Soul Sand appears.
• Killing a Spectator no longer drops experience.
• Even the Spectators are shown underwater fog.
• Entering and exiting the Bubble Column is not announced for a Spectator player.
• Spectators are not visible to regular players.
• Spectators do not affect the spawning and disappearance of creatures.
• In the storage settings, you can reset the cache of the In-Game Market using a new button.
• The display of the name of the effects has become better.
• Touch control schemes are better drawn.

Corrected mistakes

There are 61 fixes available. We recall only the most interesting:

• The game no longer lags on the PlayStation 4 if the player interacts with a spawn egg.
• Fixed crashes during an explosion in the game.
• The prices of the In-Game Market are displayed correctly.
• Tamed creatures can pass through the Nether portal along with the player.
• Beacon beam does not disappear at a short distance.
• Improved the operation of the touch control mode in the inventory.
• Fixed various inventory bugs.
• The list of items in the Merchant's inventory scrolls without errors.
• With the help of an automatic jump, you can go ashore from the reservoirs.
• Double-clicking down stops the player from flying in Creative Mode.
• Guardians do not spawn in the void and do not fly.
• The Iron Golem gives a flower to the Villagers.
• Fixed the flight of Arrows and Tridents.

Technical update

The new release has 47 changes in the technical part of the game. All points are aimed at improving the work of developers of various modifications.
Minecraft PE for Android


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