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Minecraft PE for Android

Minecraft PE for Android
Download the test version of Minecraft to your device with new useful changes and improvements in the gameplay. Mob Heads now play unique sounds when placed on Music Blocks. Added a few changes for Bedrock parity with Java Edition. And also fixed bugs that were encountered in previous versions.

Experimental features

All below innovations will work only when the Experimental mode is activated.

New Heads and Sounds

Added a Piglin Head and sounds for the Note Block. Peculiarities:

Piglin's head

• Can be obtained from a mob if it is killed by a Charged Creeper.
• Place on a Note Block to hear new creature sounds.
• Twitching ears if the player wears it.
Mob sounds on the Note Block
• When you place a Mob's Head on a Note Block, you can hear the creature's sounds.

Bamboo wood

New version of the tree. The main thing:

• To create, you need 9 Bamboos.
• It is possible to trim with an Ax.
• Plates work like with other materials.
• You can craft a Bamboo Hanging Sign with 6 Hewn Bamboo Blocks and 2 Chains.
• Reworked models of Bamboo boards.
• Scaffolding has a new look.
• Changed icons.
• Fixed color and display.

Carved bookshelf

Updated specifications. Main:

• Added sounds.
• For items that can be placed, the corresponding minecraft:bookshelf_books tag has appeared.
• There was an interaction with the Funnel and Redstone.

Hanging signs

Improved features. More:

• Updated textures and colors.
• Fixed installation under blocks.


New behavior and characteristics. More:

• The Camel texture looks like a model from Java.
• You can take the animal on a leash with you on horseback.
• New colors for the recharge indicator.
• The texture and size of small specimens has a new look.
• Fixed landing, drowning and sprint.
• Fixed interaction with the Acoustic Sensor.

Changes not related to experimental content

In this update, 5 major changes have been added. Among them:

• New spawn eggs for bosses and golems. In future versions, they will only be available when using commands.
• Villagers can die from lightning even on easy difficulty.
• New shades for particles.
• A new error message about insufficient memory on the device will appear on the screens of users.
• The touch controls are working properly.

Bedrock Version Equality with Java

New changes in a small amount to synchronize the two versions of the game. Short:

• Pumpkins and Watermelons can be grown on the Mycelium and Moss block.
• Transparent effects of Lighthouse and Sea Explorer.
• Added artist name when using the /say command.

Corrected mistakes

24 bugs have been fixed in this test update. We list the main ones:

• New design for Polar Bear Spawn Egg.
• When loading a world, the game does not go to sleep.
• Replaced Splashes in the main menu.
• The controller does not freeze during the game.
• Redstone Chain Door does not push creatures out.
• Block selection works correctly.
• Adjusted the growth of Bamboo.
• Mobs properly path through the Wither Rose.
• Stone walls are properly installed with quick application.
• Fixed texture tints.
• Axolotls don't start to dry when transitioning between chunks.
• Tropical fish spawn correctly in the water.
• Improved the passage of Kadauri under blocks of different heights.
• Villagers don't use Fireworks nearby in the rain.
• Restarting the multiplayer world does not break data synchronization.
• Death from wither effects occurs the right way.
• The cursor does not disappear when you click the Text Box again.
• Fixed the Mojang Studios logo when loading on consoles.
• The Traveling Trader profession name is not written on the menu.

Technical update

In this section, the developers have added 16 new items that improve the development of modifications and are necessary for testing.

Remember that when downloading the installation of test versions, you need to make backup copies of your worlds.
Minecraft PE for Android


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